Paper Submission

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically in PDF format before the deadline March 18, 2018 via Both English and Chinese manuscripts are acceptable. The initial version of each paper can not exceed 8 pages. The camera-ready version of each accepted paper is also up to 8 pages in total, but each page in excess of 6 will incur an extra charge.

Declaration on Paper submissions

To promote academic exchanges among domestic and abroad scholars, the official languages of 2018 IEEE/CSAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference(IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018) are Chinese and English, namely, the on-site exchanges and papers included in the proceedings of IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 can be presented or written in Chinese or English. However, according to the new regulation of IEEE, only papers in English can be submitted to IEEE Conference Publication Operations, and will be further evaluated by IEEE. If they meet the requirement of IEEE, the papers will be included in IEEE Xplore, and then cited by EI Compendex. Hereby, IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 declares as follow:

  1. The languages for on-site exchanges and papers included in the proceedings of IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 are Chinese and English;
  2. Only papers in English will be submitted to IEEE, but the survey papers and papers without simulation results will not be submitted to IEEE;
  3. The Author(s) is required to submit a written statement that the author(s) doesn’t engage in academic misconduct with the submitted paper(s);
  4. All the papers must be edited in IEEE Template, and the papers that don’t meet the requirement will NOT be included in IEEE Xplore;
  5. The conference will recommend best papers in English to SCI-E journals for possible publication,but the final decision is concluded by the SCI journals.
  6. IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 will eliminate 'No Shows'. At least one author of the accepted paper MUST attend the conference to present the paper. If none of the authors could attend, please ensure that someone else will present the paper on your behalf. Therefore, ther papers not presented at the conference will not be listed in IEEE Xplore and thus not be indexed by EI Compendex.

Paper Templates

MS Word template in English and Chinese are available here, please click English Template or Chinese Template to download it. We strongly recommend the authors to use these templates. If you choose not to use them, please make sure your paper strictly follows the formatting instructions. If your paper is written in MS Word 2007 or greater, please use MS Word 2003 compatible format.

How to Submit

All the submissions (including regular papers, invited session proposals, and invited session papers) and reviews are through TCCT Conference Paper Management System Please make sure you have a PIN in the online submission system before submitting your paper. If you do not have an account yet, please follow the instructions at the home page to get a new one. Please fill out all authors' PINs in the submission. If one of the co-authors do not have a PIN, please help him/her create a new one.

  1. All papers MUST be edited in IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 Template and submitted in PDF. Please check your PDF with IEEE PDF express at and check privacy of your script at Conference ID is 42960XP.
  2. Log in the online submission system ( using your PIN and password.
  3. Click "Author Center" of GNCC2018.
  4. Select a submission type (see below about the submission types), click "submit a new contribution" to start the submission.

Each paper submitted successfully will have a unique Paper ID, please use it for any further correspondance.

Submission Types

Regular Paper

If you are not sure please choose submission type "regular paper" to submit your manuscript.

Invited Session Proposal

The invited/special session organizers should submit a proposal (choose "Invited Session Proposal" in the submission) first, then a session code will be assigned to the session, and all the corresponding authors of the papers involved in the session should be informed of the session code by the session organizers. A session commonly consists of six papers.

Invited Session Paper

An invited/special session paper must be submitted in the submission type "Invited Session Paper" with the correct session code. Please note that all the invited/special session papers must be submitted before the indicated first submission deadline, and go through the review process with the regular papers.