Registration and Final Submission

Deadline for final submission is May 21, 2018. If the author has not completed the procedure of registration and final submission before 23:00, May 21, the paper would be withdrawn automatically.

1. Registration Fee (Note: the registration fee sholud be paid online via; the deposit can only be paid via bank transfer .)

Attendee with one paper: 3800 RMB (USD 605) [3500 RMB (USD 557) for student], the price of other attendee with a paper is the same as it of attendee without paper.

Attendee without paper: 3000 RMB (USD 478) [2800 RMB (USD 446) for student]. Attendee without paper can either register online before May 21 or register on Aug`s\vl VE`s\vl Vthe author registers online ( before May 21, can he reserve hotel by IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018.

At least one of the authors listed on the paper must register for the conference to upload the final manuscript. A notification will be sent to you by E-mail once the pre-registration fee is received. The registration fee covers:

  • Page charge of one paper (Page limitation is 6. Up to 2 extra pages are allowed with extra page charge RMB300 (USD 48) per page)
  • A USB disk of the Conference Proceedings
  • Conference banquet 
  Attendee with one paper Attendee without paper Attendee during conference
  Before May 21 Before May 21(can reserve hotel by conference, otherwise can not)
Full registration 3800RMB(USD 605) 3000RMB(USD 478) 3500RMB(USD 557)
For student 3500RMB(USD 557) 2800RMB(USD 446) 3200RMB(USD 510)
  • Up to two papers of the same author can submit. For submitting the second paper, the second paper charge RMB 3000 (USD 478) (Only for regular registration not for student registration) is required (Limited to the first author is a full registration).
  • Page limitation is 6. Up to 2 extra pages are allowed with extra page charge RMB 300 (USD 48) per page.
  • Student is required to provide a scanning copy of your student's ID Card at your final submission.

2. Flowchart of Registration

2.1 Payment methods

Please login the submission system first. After completing the online registration, select “Unpaid” and then enter the payment page of the e-payment platform to complete the online payment. At this time, the account has been bound, so you do not need to enter the account information of the recipient. Payment vouchers should be kept on your own. No need to upload the system or send it to the conference group.

(2)  Payment Details

Please transfer to the following account number:

        INTERMADIARY BANKER'S NAME:JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York


        BENE BANKER’S A/C NO.: 001043718


        BENEFICIARY’S NAME: Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

        ACCOUNT NO.: 0200001109089123894

        ADDRESS: Dongcheng District Jiaodaokoudong street building 6, Beijing

        PHONE NO.: 86-10-13126600229

Please remark “GNCC18+Paper numner” when you transfer, and scan your bank transfer voucher after payment. After completing online registration in the submission system, please select "Paid" and upload the scanned copy.

2.2 Invoice matters

(1)  If participants need ordinary invoices, please provide the following information:(Invoice institutions, Identification number of taxpayer);If participants need special invoices, please provide the following information: (invoice institutions, address, telephone number, identification number of taxpayer, account bank, account number).

(2)  Please ensure that the provided information is correct. The wrong information will incur a charge of RMB 100 (USD 16) for a new invoice.

(3)  Invoice institutions can only be the transfer institutions for participants who have made the payment through the "public-to-public" method.

(4)  The invoice will be given to the representative at the meeting. If the invoices need to be mailed in advance, please ensure that the provided information such as recipient, address, contact information, etc. is correct.

3. Important Reminders

In order for your accepted paper to be included in IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 proceedings, you are required to complete all of the following items at, before 21 May, 2018.

3.1 PDF-checking Report

All papers MUST be edited in IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 Template and submitted in PDF. Please check your PDF with IEEE PDF eXpress at Our conference ID is: 42960XP. Notice that all fonts of your paper MUST be subset embedded. Please submit the pdf-checking report together with your final submission. The papers that don't meet the requirement will NOT be included in IEEE Xplore and thus NOT be indexed by EI Compendex (English Paper ONLY).

3.2 Plagiarism Detection Report

Authors are requested to check their papers in English for plagiarism through online plagiarism detection sites, prior to final submission. Please submit the plagiarism detection report together with your final submission. Papers detected with similarity greater than 20% will be definitely REJECTED (English Paper ONLY).

3.3 IEEE Copyright Form

Authors of an accepted IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 paper must submit an IEEE copyright form before the paper can be published in IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 Proceedings. Please click here for the copyright form. Your Electronic Copyright Transfer Form MUST be signed and then scanned. The scanned Copyright MUST be uploaded online.

3.4 Registration with Payment

Your Registration with payment MUST be made online and received. Please note that the final submission and payment system at ( will be open from January 20 to May 21, 2018. We would also like to encourage you to submit your final paper early to avoid potential uploading difficulties that may arise due to the heavy uploading activities near the deadline of May 21, 2018. Registration fee is NOT refundable.

3.5 Lodging Hotel

As to the lodging hotel, please visit the conference website, and we strongly recommend you booking the hotel before July 20, 2018. Otherwise, you may NOT get the accommodation. For hotel reservation information, please visit the website:

3.6 No Show

At least one author of the accepted paper MUST attend the conference to present the paper according to the presentation form in acceptance notification. If none of the authors could attend, please ensure that someone else will present the paper on your behalf. The papers not presented at the conference will NOT be listed in IEEE Xplore, and thus NOT be indexed by EI Compendex.

4. Final Submission Requirements

The proceedings of the IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 will be printed a USB disk. To help us in preparing the proceedings, please note the followings:

4.1 Paper Length

Each paper is limited to six(6) pages of A4 size. Authors may upload a longer manuscript up to eight(8) pages in total. However, each page in excess of six will incur a charge of RMB 300 (USD 48).

4.2 Paper Format

We accept papers only one format: MS Word. There are two samples respectively for MS Word (Chinese and English) available at Please follow the samples strictly.

4.3 Deadline for Final Submission

May 21, 2018

4.4 Files Required

Please submit (a) .pdf file, and (b) source file (Word).

4.5 Submission Method

Only e-submission is acceptable. Please visit the Conference Paper Management System (, login your personal account, access author center of IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018, click the link "Final submission",and follow the instructions to provide necessary information, transfer copyright form, and upload the files. Note that the system accepts only .doc, .pdf, .zip and .rar types of files. The size of the uploaded file is limited to 4M bytes. If you have some image files, it is suggested that you zip all your files into a package and then submit it.

5. Particular Notes

  • Authors of an accepted IEEE/CSAA GNCC2018 paper must submit a Registration Feedback Sheet. Please click here for the Registration Sheet.
  • All the authors have to register at the Conference Paper Management System ( to get their PINs, and complete the author list which coincides with the paper in the final submission form. Otherwise, the name(s) of the author(s) without inputted PIN(s) will not appear in the Proceedings, Final Program, etc.
  • Please check the conference website for updated information.
  • IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the conference.