Call for Invited Sessions

Invited Sessions Proposals

Proposals are sought from those wishing to organize an invited session on a specific topic. The proposal of an invited session must contain a summary statement describing the motivation and relevance of the proposed session as well as a short description of the papers in the session.

An invited session may be given in a podium presentation format or in an interactive format. In the former case, it consists of oral presentations provided by a speaker per paper, in the latter it consists of a set of posters presented by one author per paper. The program committee reserves the right to assign accepted invited sessions to either format, podium or interactive. No value ranking is implied by the paper presentation format.

Invited session proposals are made by an (or more) organizer(s) according to the procedure described below. The proposal has to be followed by the individual submission of the full version of all invited papers. Each paper will be individually reviewed and invited session proposals will be rated as a whole. At the discretion of the program committee, individual papers may be removed from a proposed session and placed in the regular program, and appropriate contributed papers may be moved into the session. Likewise, selected papers from a rejected invited session may be placed into the regular program.

The submitted papers can be grouped as follows:

  • Invited regular papers
  • Invited industrial papers

An invited session in the interactive format must be proposed as a set grouping 6 papers.

Submission Procedure

The submission procedure for (podium or interactive) invited sessions is as follows.

  • The organizer should submit an invited session proposal including the session title, session chair(s), a brief session description, and the list of papers (title, authors, and affiliation). In this description it should be specified whether the session is proposed as a podium or interactive invited session. Submissions have to be made electronically within the Conference Manuscript Management System.
  • Soon after the submission of the proposal, the organizer will receive a Session Code by e-mail. This code is automatically issued by the system. The organizer should then distribute the Session Code to the authors of the invited session papers.
  • Individual authors of the invited session papers should submit their papers through the “Invited Session Paper” link at the submission system using the appropriate Session Code they received from the organizer.

Invited Sessions:

Session1:       New Progresses in Autonomous Aerial Refueling        Code: NzEWTW

Organizers:   Yaohong Qu                     Northwestern Polytechinical University

                        Yakui Gao                       AVIC The First Aircraft Institute

                       Long   Cheng                   Key Laboratory of Complex Air System Simulation

Session2:      Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Control and Application       Code: RG86U5

Organizers:    Delin Luo                       Xiamen University

                        Yanbin Liu                      Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Session3:       Data Learning–based Nonlinear Filtering Framework and Method       Code: 9VvEKv

Organizers:    Xiaoxu Wang                   Northwestern Polytechinical University

                         Quan   Pan                      Northwestern Polytechinical University

Session4:       Theory and Application Technology of Aircraft Swarms        Code: 21an2g

Organizers:   Xiaolong Liang                     Air Force Engineering University

Session5:      Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Control and Application       Code: 41NfAu

Organizers:    Daobo Wang                       Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

                        Yin Wang                      Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Session6:       Trajectory Design, Guidance and Control Technology for Hypersonic Vehicles       Code: tvDnJx

Organizers:    Zhiyong She                   Beijing Institute of Aerospace Technology Research

                         Yang   Guo                      Rocket Force University of Engineering

Session7:       Networked Nano/Micro Spacecraft Systems       Code: E4AwME

Organizers:    Ziyang Meng                   Tsinghua University

                          Fei     Xing                      Tsinghua University

                          Liang    He                      Shanghai Aerospace Control Technology Research Institute

Session8:       Intelligent Autonomous System and Its Application in Flight        Code: 9TLlRM

Organizers:    Kunfeng Lu                      Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Institute

                         Zhenqiang Qi                   Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Institute

                          Lei    Gao                       Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Institute

                          Jiarun Liu                      Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Institute

Session9:      New Progresses in Airborne Software       Code: JZtHq6

Organizers:    Zheng Zheng                       Beihang University

                        Beibei Yin                           Beihang University

Session10:       Theory and Application on Cooperative Control of Swarm       Code: dYfp7z

Organizers:    Xiwang Dong                   Beihang University

                        Guanghui Wen                 Southeast University

Session11:      Swarming Unmanned Systems: Recent Research Development and Applications       Code: SxiddZ

Organizers:    Hugh Liu                    University of Toronto

                        Haibin Duan                 Beihang University