IEEE/CSAA GNCC Best Student Paper Award Regulations

FENG Ru is the first Chinese flight designer and the father of Chinese aviation. LI Ming is a famous expert on aircraft automation and is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The IEEE/CSAA GNCC establishes the FENG Ru Best Paper Award and the LI Ming Best Paper Award to promote the academics, encourage young scientists to participate in academic activities, further to improve the paper quality and expand conference influence.

1. Eligibility

The considered papers must satisfy:
1)  The paper is accepted by the IEEE/CSAA GNCC;
2)  For FENG Ru Best Paper Award, the first author of the candidate paper must be a student, and the candidate paper is presented by the first author at the conference;
3)   For LI Ming Best Paper Award, the candidate must be the first author of the paper and also under 40, and is not a student.

2. Requirement

The paper should possess important topic, clear contention, correct and scientific argument, clarity of written paper, and explicit intellectual property. Under these premises, the best paper must conform to one of the following conditions:
1)  The paper possesses a distinct idea or innovation recognized by the peers;
2)  The paper precisely discusses the technological achievements in engineering with innovative content. It proposes new concepts, designs, technologies, and solutions, which cover the concerned issues and difficult problems in the field of guidance, navigation and control. The paper has a strong value to be referred and promoted;
3)  The survey paper should include abundant contents and distinct understanding. It should possess potential impact and special value for the development of a specific field.

3. Procedure

1)  The preliminary review committee of the best paper award is established. The chairman is appointed by the chairman of the procedure committee, with a secretary being allocated. Then the appointed chairman nominates committee members, who are valid with the approval of not less than two-thirds members of the procedure committee;
2)  No more than 15 papers are selected as candidates, which should be excellent scored by at least two reviewers. Note that papers not presented at the IEEE/CSAA GNCC will be disqualified from the award competition;
3) The final review committee of the best paper award is established. The chairman is appointed by well-recognized experts in related fields, with a secretary being allocated. The committee takes full responsibility of the defense. If a committee member is the co-author of the paper applying for the best paper award, then he or she must avoid the evaluation process;
4)  No more than 10 papers are awarded at each IEEE/CSAA GNCC.

4. Award

The best papers elected by these regulations are awarded:
1)  A certificate of "IEEE/CSAA GNCC FENG Ru Best Paper Award" or "IEEE/CSAA GNCC LI Ming Best Paper Award". The certificate is signed by the chairman of the conference, and sealed by Guidance, Navigation and Control Technical Committee of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics;
2)  Money award.

5. Supplement

1)  If any objection of the elected best papers exists, please contact with the IEEE/CSAA GNCC procedure committee;
2)  The GNCC procedure committee holds the authority to establish and explain these regulations.

IEEE/CSAA GNCC reserves the right of explanation and modification of this document. (August 13, 2017)